Skywest Commons Shopping Center, Hayward

2250 Douglas Blvd., Suite 150
Roseville, CA 95661

Skywest Commons Shopping Center, Hayward
Skywest Commons Shopping Center, Hayward

Skywest Commons is a new development in the City of Hayward, a thriving community on the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay. Known as the “Heart of the Bay” because of its central location in the Bay Area, Hayward is a diverse center for retail, industry and government.

The new Skywest Commons project consists of a Target, junior anchor and three other shop buildings. Previously the lot contained a theater, shop, multiple other buildings and a parking lot, all of which had to be demolished, and the existing abandoned utilities needed to be removed before construction could begin. By providing the contractor with specific plans and being involved with in the demolition project, RSC Engineering was able to help control their client’s costs.

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RSC Engineering
Skywest Commons Shopping Center, Hayward

Project Description

Client: Browman Development Company

Parcel Size: 12.79 Acres

Building Size: 185,550 SF

RSC Engineering designed a new parking lot and other facilities for the shopping center around an existing Carrows restaurant that is located on a lot adjacent to the new project. These facilities provide pedestrian and vehicular access between the new center and the existing restaurant. RSC’s innovative design allowed Carrows to operate during all phases of the project’s construction.

As part of the project, RSC Engineering worked closely with the City of Hayward to prepare plans for the realignment of the City’s Street A. Both the City’s Street A project and Skywest Commons were completed at the same time which provided fully integrated access from the new public street to the shopping center.

RSC Engineering provided comprehensive engineering services including: