SMUD Side Parking Lot, Sacramento

2250 Douglas Blvd., Suite 150
Roseville, CA 95661

SMUD East Campus Operations Center, Sacramento, CA
SMUD -- East Campus Operations Center, Sacramento

To address operational needs and provide a centralized location for offices, workshops, and storage, plus parking for employees and service vehicles, SMUD developed an East Campus Operations Center. Located on a 50-acre site at the southeast corner of Bradshaw Road and Kiefer Boulevard in Sacramento, the project consists of a five-story office building as well as fleet maintenance, shop/tool, warehouse/salvage, electrical shop, and car wash buildings. Additionally, a large of portion of the site contains outdoor storage areas.

The East Campus Operations Center is a LEED Platinum Certified project. RSC worked diligently with the project design team to ensure that the project captured as many civil engineering related LEED points as possible.

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RSC Engineering
SMUD Side Parking Lot, Sacramento

Project Description

Client:Stantec Architecture/Turner Construction

Parcel Size: 50 Acres

Building Size: Approved for 353,935 SF

RSC Engineering partnered with the team of Turner Construction and Stantec Architecture on SMUD’s East Campus Operating Center design-build project to prepare a preliminary design that enabled Turner Construction to successfully bid the project. During the project design phase, RSC developed the civil construction documents and worked in collaboration with other members of the design team and Turner Construction and its sub-contractors to ensure that the sitework remained within the original bid budget.

The civil engineering design included many challenges, such as: design of a floodwall along the perimeter of the project, a storm drain detention pond, a storm drain lift station, a sewer lift station, an underground rainwater harvesting system and natural storm water quality treatment features like grassy swales.

RSC Engineering provided comprehensive engineering services including: