RSC Engineering
Chili's at Morgan Hill Retail Center, Bay Area, CA

Project Description

Client: Browman Development Company

Parcel Size: 66.30 acres

Building Size: 657,250 SF

As part of the Morgan Hill Retail Center project, RSC Engineering prepared offsite plans for the widening of Cochrane Road, construction of Mission View Drive, relocation of an existing sanitary sewer line, modification of Santa Clara Valley Water District’s 78-inch water line, extension of an offsite 12-inch water main to provide necessary fire flows required by Santa Clara Fire Department and a detention pond and water quality system that had to meet the requirements of the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board.

For the offsite work, RSC Engineering obtained an Encroachment Permit from CALTRANS for the Highway 101 off/on ramp modifications. These modifications included traffic signal modifications, widening Cochrane Road within CALTRANS R.O.W. and re-striping the overpass.

RSC prepared a fire flow analysis that studied the existing City of Morgan Hill’s water system network along with the proposed fire main extension to the retail project to determine if the fire flow demands required by Santa Clara Fire Department could be met for the proposed retail project. RSC worked with the City of Morgan Hill and the client to obtain the necessary easements and R.O.W. for the offsite water line and the offsite widening of Cochrane Road.

The proposed project was subject to the Hydrograph Modification requirements of the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board. RSC sized the proposed detention basins and outfall system to conform to these requirements, designed bio-retention swales and a basin filtration system to satisfy the water quality treatment requirements of the Board, and obtained the required water quality permit from the Board.

RSC Engineering provided comprehensive engineering services including:

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Morgan Hill Retail Center, Morgan Hill, CA
Morgan Hill Retail Center, Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill is located in southern Santa Clara Valley, approximately 12 miles south of San Jose. The Valley is surrounded by the Santa Cruz mountain range to the west, and the Diablo mountain range to the east. Parks and open spaces abound, making Morgan Hill one of the last communities in the region with a charming, small town atmosphere.

Originally a community of ranchers, farmers and orchardists, the Morgan Hill has evolved into a bedroom community for the high-tech industries in Silicon Valley. Thoughtful planning has made it one of the most desirable and fastest growing communities in Santa Clara County.

Morgan Hill Retail Center is a regional retail shopping center located at the northeast corner of Highway 101 and Cochrane Road in the City of Morgan Hill. The center features Target as the main anchor tenant, a cinema, 11 minor majors and 19 shop/pad buildings. Phase 1 consists of Target, 6 minor majors and 15 shop/pad buildings including a Chili’s.

The project presented several unique engineering design challenges. For the Cochrane Road widening, RSC prepared plans to relocate the existing above ground facilities and vaults that serviced the existing 78-inch water transmission line. RSC also devised a method of constructing Cochrane Road over this line so that construction operations would not impact the integrity of the transmission line.

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