Sam's Club, Folsom Gateway Shopping Center

2250 Douglas Blvd., Suite 150
Roseville, CA 95661

Folsom Gateway Shopping Center
Folsom Gateway Shopping Center, Folsom

Phase 1 of Folsom Gateway Mall was designed by RSC partners Rick Chavez and Jim Vanderpost. When it came time to expand the retail center with Phase 2, it was only natural for this dynamic team to be called upon again.

Phase 2 consists of seven buildings and is anchored by Bed, Bath and Beyond and Petsmart. The expansion had to tie into the existing mall to the east, and fit between an existing office building, Iron Point Road, Highway 50 and a wetlands area. To add to the challenge, the parcel where the new buildings are located had a great deal of vertical relief.

Bed Bath & Beyond, Folsom Gateway Folsom Gateway Phase 2 Sam's Club, Folsom Gateway Folsom Gateway Phase 1
RSC Engineering
Sam's Club, Folsom Gateway Shopping Center

Project Description

Client: The Evergreen Company

Parcel Size: 12.79 Acres

Building Size: 115,000 SF

Accommodating the vertical change required extensive grading. To provide vehicular connection and cross access to all three projects, RSC Engineering designed step pads through the new project. Retaining walls were added on the southern boundary to maintain the integrity of the existing wetland and drainage features. These features allowed for the creating of the mall expansion while melding the existing buildings and natural appeal of the area.

Preparing for the expansion of this retail center called for RSC Engineering to provide comprehensive planning and engineering services for The Evergreen Company, including: