Douglas Office Park, Roseville

2250 Douglas Blvd., Suite 150
Roseville, CA 95661

Douglas Office Park, Roseville, CA
Douglas Office Park, Roseville
Douglas Office Park Courtyard, Roseville, CA
RSC Engineering
Douglas Office Park, Roseville

Project Description

Parcel Size: 11 Acres

Building Size: 194,000 sq. ft.

Douglas Office Park in Roseville consists of two multi-tenant office buildings totaling 194,000 square feet. The elevation change from the street to the rear property posed some interesting challenges during the design phase. To address these differences a significant retaining wall was incorporated into the design. The wall design was also used to address the challenge of an ADA compliant walk from street level to the proposed buildings.

The utility connections also presented some unique aspects due to the location of the site in relation to the proposed development.

RSC Engineering provided comprehensive engineering services including: